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2015 Annual General Meeting November 16

The Annual General Meeting of the Kelowna Youth Soccer Association will be held Monday, November 16, at 7 pm, at the First Baptist Church (Bernard Avenue/Richmond Street).    The agenda will include the following:

        --Reports of Directors on 2015 activities;
        --Financial Report
        --Changes in the KYSA Constitution and By-Laws (see the document below on this page for details)
        --Election of Officers for the 2015-16 Board of Directors, as follows:
                --Chair (leads overall operations of KYSA, presides over meetings)
                --Vice-Chair (assists chair in all duties)
                --Treasurer (supervises Administrator in all financial operations, budget preparation, etc.--accounting or business                    background is necessary)
                --Secretary (records meeting minutes)
                --Equipment Manager (orders and distributes all team equipment)
                --Uniforms Manager (orders and distributes all team uniforms)
                --Risk Management Chair (ensures all volunteer staff complete Criminal Record Checks)
                --Discipline Rep (sits on COYSA discipline committee dealing with player and coach infractions)
                --COYSA Reps (2) -- represents views of KYSA on COYSA Board
                --Directors at Large (up to 4 positions) -- attends monthly meetings, takes on specific tasks that arise

        UPDATE:  Those positions in BOLD type do not have any proposed candidates so far.  PLEASE consider joining our board in these (or any other) positions.   We are a voluntary association that requires VOLUNTEERS to carry out the tasks required to provide soccer programs for kids.

We are always looking for new members of our board, as they bring new energy and ideas.   If you are interested or require more info re any of these positions, contact

A variety of topics will be discussed (Whitecaps involvement, new tiering structure, etc.)   Come along and give your input to our Board.   Great snacks provided!!
Posted on Tuesday, Oct 20, 2015

2016 Practice Schedules

Listed below are the practice days for 2016:

U6 (born 2010)                 Wednesdays
U7 (born 2009)                  Tuesdays
U8 (born 2008)                 Thursdays
U9 (born 2007)                 Wednesdays
U10 Boys (born 2006)        Tuesdays
U10 Girls (born 2006)        Thursdays
U11 (born 2005)                Tuesdays
U12 (born 2004)                Mondays
U14 (born 2002/3)             Mondays or Wednesdays
U16 (born 2000/1)             Mondays or Wednesdays
U18 (born 1998/9)             No practices

Some minor adjustments to the above schedule may be made because of:
        --significant changes in projected registration in a division
        --head coaches with multiple teams needing back to back practices
        --field availability
Posted on Sunday, Oct 18, 2015

Revised KYSA Constititution/By-Laws

At our 2015 Annual General Meeting (date and location to be announced soon) we will be considering a major revision of the Constitution and By-Laws of KYSA, intended to bring it up to date (last version 1992), and more soccer specific (based on a model from BC Soccer for member clubs).   Please look over the proposed document, (Control Click to open) and be prepared to debate it and approve the final version at our AGM.
Posted on Thursday, Oct 15, 2015

2016 Division A Teams

Below are listed the players who have been selected to Division A teams for the 2016 season.   Some spaces have been left on teams for additions in the spring, from those who have already tried out, and any qualified players new to KYSA.  Please ensure that you register your player beginning on January 1.    We fill up very quickly in some divisions, and spots are not guaranteed to players listed below if they do not register before January 31.

Boys U11 (born in 2005)

Head Coach:        Kevin Daniels

Alexander Bronswyk                Andrew Isa
Brayden Skogstad                   Carson Irvine
Fraser Davis                          Gavin Krebbers
Hayden Daniels                        Hayden McLeod
Hunter Courtney                     Jordie Plaxton
Jude Daniels                           Kale Vandesype
Kayden Beath                        Luke Wiles
Nabeel Moledina                     Owen McParland
Reese Ryan                            Rylan Konecsni
Rylan Lefebvre                        Simon Wilson
Skylar Kepes                          Spencer Fleck                       
Stefan Wojdanski                   Tyler Valuck                        
 Walker Sodaro

We will be asking permission to enter two teams into Division A.  If this isn't possible, we will be forming one Division A team and one Division B team from the boys listed above.   More information once registration is completed in the Spring.

Girls U11 (born in 2005)

Head Coach:         Niki Siddall

Amelie Guignard                  Avery King
Bianca Cole                        Emma Uhrich
Isla MacPherson                  Jorga Haggerty
Kanani Coon                        Kyra Knight
Rachel Callon                        Rachel Siddall
Sydney Ansley                     Zoe Bouma

At least two more girls will be added to the team in the spring, depending on total registration in Girls U11.  We will contact those who will have an opportunity to try out for those spots as soon as the numbers situation is clear.

Boys U12 (born in 2004)

Head Coach:                        Adil Rajwani

Adam Bowen                         Aiden Currie
Cooper Bulatovich                  Devon Bolton
Ethan Methorst                       Izayeh Rajwani
Kourosh Dabiri                        Mason Nabozniak
Nolan Dranchuk                      Russell Kosec
Steven Xu                              Tyler Corke

At least two more boys will be added to the team in the spring, depending on total registration in Boys U12.  We will contact those who will have the opportunity to try out for those spots as soon as the numbers situation is clear.

Girls U12 (born in 2004)

Head Coach:   
                     Nikki Friesen

Ava Graf                                Emilia Schwarz
Hannah Friesen                      Ireland Jennens
Kiera Atkins                           Makena Marble
Stephanie Hyatt                     Tarynn Hope
Taylor Baker                           Taylor Janicki
Teah Thachyk
Up to  three more girls will be added to this team in the spring, depending on total registration in Girls U12.  All girls who tried out in the fall will be called back, in addition to new players who are qualified.

Boys U14 (born in 2002/3)

Head Coach:                       
Adil Rajwani

Aaron Wong                           Asher Wiens
Ashton Swaby                        Ayden Walker
Brandon Heinrich                    Elijah Wielgosz
Ethan Kilborn                          Jacob Senger
Jonathan Bender                    Justin Drenka
Kaja Rajwani                          Kolby Cyra
Kyle McLeod                           Liam Herbert 
Oliver Cole

Up to three more boys will be added to this team in the spring, depending on total registration in Boys U14.     We will contact those who will have the opportunity to try out for those spots as soon as the numbers situation is clear.

Girls U14  (born in 2002/3) 

Head Coach:                          Niki Siddall            

Anya Raymond                        Chloe Dehnel
Georgia Insley                         Grace Dietrich
Hannah Greene                        Julia Basso
Julia Groening                          Laura Siddall
Lauren Sherwin                        Olivia Gran
Paige Foster                             Quinn Polack
Talia Russouw                          Tegan Johnston
Tessa Kosec                             Tony Willoughby

Up to two more girls will be added to this team in the spring, depending on total registration in Girls U14.  We will contact those who will have the opportunity to try out for those spots as soon as the numbers situation is clear.
Boys and Girls U16 (born in 2000/1)  -- FINAL TRYOUT SESSIONS POSTPONED TILL SPRING 2016                        

Posted on Monday, Oct 05, 2015

KYSA Partners with the Vancouver Whitecaps!

Whitecaps David Broadhurst to lead the delivery of technical services to the club

Kelowna Youth Soccer Association (KYSA) announced today an agreement with the Vancouver Whitecaps for 2015 to provide technical services to the club.  

 Whitecaps Okanagan Academy centre Head Coach David Broadhurst will lead a select staff including assistant coach Jason Thompson that will provide general technical direction for the club, and more specifically field sessions and coach development.  On the players side this will include attending training sessions and select games to reinforce development messages. On the coaches side there will be session support for volunteer coaches, on field coaching feedback and several coach development clinics.    

 “We are really pleased to be able to partner with the province’s professional club the Whitecaps, on our development program”, says KYSA president Andy Hyatt.  “We are looking forward to working together with David and the Whitecaps in building and enhancing our players’ and coaches’ experience as being part of KYSA”.  

 “This is a great opportunity to extend our Academy centre programming in the Okanagan to directly work with a progressive club like KYSA and support them through our Whitecaps development network”, notes David Broadhurst.   

 KYSA provides house league programs for girls and boys 5 - 18 and has over 950 members.  They are one of the five member clubs of Central Okanagan Youth Soccer Association (COYSA).  Vancouver Whitecaps FC are part of MLS -Major League Soccer.  As part of the clubs development program it has an established a network of Academy centres across western Canada which provide prospects academy training as well as technical services for club.  David Broadhurst heads up the Okanagan Academy centre as Head Coach.  The Whitecaps are also partnered with TOFC the Thompson Okanagan Football Club which plays in the BCSPL.  David Broadhurst acts as a technical advisor for TOFC and Jason Thompson is the Technical Director.

For more information on KYSA please contact Andy Hyatt at or for more information on the Whitecaps in the Okanagan contact David Broadhurst at

Posted on Sunday, Mar 22, 2015