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Congrats to Kelowna Cup Winners

BU14A Cobras

        Boys U14A Great Way Martial Arts Cobras complete an undefeated season!

Congratulations to all KYSA teams who competed in the Kelowna Cup finals recently.   Following is a list of medal winners!

BU14A Great Way Martial Ats Cobras  -- First place
                        (Adil Rajwani) 
BU14B Rattlers (Len Kruiper)             -- Third place
BU14C Serpents (Ron Labossiere)      --  First place

GU14A Eagles (Niki Siddall)               -- Third place

BU16A Inferno (Todd Swaby)             -- First place
BU16B Firestorm (Lawrence Sims)      -- Second place

GU16A Great Way Martial Arts Heat    -- Second place
                        (Keath Kemper)

BU18 Lightning (Jeremy Walker)         -- Second place 
Posted on Tuesday, Oct 18, 2016

2017 Division A Teams Selected

Thanks to the 180 players who participated in our Div A tryouts this fall.   These sessions were run by our Whitecaps coaching staff, along with the teams' head coach.   Difficult decisions had to be made, but listed below are the players who have been assigned to these teams at this time.   Some spaces have been left to be filled in the spring, when registration numbers and tiering structures have been determined.   We will invite players to fill those spaces as needed.

Boys U11 Warriors -- Head Coach Jason Erickson

Ashton Macedo                        Dallas Johnston
Dryden Girard                          Grayson Graf
Jackson Gerber                        Kaslo Ferner
Levi Erickson                           Majid Alkhatib
Mekhi Emerini                          Rajan Poonian
Simon Dietrich                         Thomas Jennings

Two more players will be added to this team in the spring.

Boys 12 Bulldogs and Huskies -- Head Coaches Mike Courtney and Floyd Ryan

Alexander Bronswyk                Carson Irvine
Connor Corrigan                      Evan Young
Hunter Courtney                      Kaden Schaupmeyer
Kaiden Honeyman                    Kale Vandesype
Nabeel Moledina                      Nathan Lawson
Owen McParland                       Reese Ryan
Rylan Konecsni                        Rylan Lefebvre
Samuel Lescarbeau                   Simon Wilson
Spencer Fleck                          Stefan Wojdanski
Sullivan Williams                       Ty Molzahn
Tyler Valuck                             Walker Sodaro

We will be adding up to 6 players to this group in the spring, and then dividing them into two teams.

Boys U14 Cobras and Serpents -- Head Coaches Adil Rajwani, TBA

Because of the uncertainty about how this age group will be organized (age and tiers), we have selected the following to be part of the two "competitive tier" teams in this division:

Kolby Cyra                                Justin Drenka
Kyle McLeod                              Logan Kam
Matthew Darmohray                  Daniel Tarasenco
Tristan Morgan                          Rhys Bowes
Risto Zimmer                            Rylan Ibbetson
Fabian Himmelstein                    Ryan Thomson
Jordan Tonn                              Tyler Corke
Nolan Dranchuk                          Devon Bolton
Grayson Statham                        Izayeh Rajwani
Aiden Currie                               Cooper Bulatovich
Steven Xu                                 Ethan Methorst
Kourish Dabiri                            Masato Giffin
Lucas Weber                              Jai Saini
Conor Graham                           Hudson Farrell

In the spring, we will add up to eight players to this group, and then assign all players to the appropriate team and tier.

Boys U16 Inferno -- Head Coach Adil Rajwani

Rares Barladeanu                        Liam Herbert
Aaron Wong                                Jonathan Bender
Brandon Heinrich                        Daniel Lee
Oliver Cole                                 Callum Bowen
Ashton Swaby                             Kaya Rajwani
Matthew Labossiere                     Braeden Ozechowski
Asher Wiens                                Kolton Widell

We will be adding up to four players to this team in the spring.

Girls U11 Lions -- Head Coach Brian Atwell

Breanne Adam                                Brielle Jones
Chloe Atwell                                   Cianna Konecsni
Jaya Desjarlais                                Jessa Cleveland
Julia Jones                                      Maya Courtney
Meghann Darmohray                        Nerissa Henningham
Sydney McLeod                               Taryn Stubel

Two more players will be added to this team in the spring.

Girls U12 Cyclones -- Head Coach Mike Woods

Amelie Guignard                              Avery King
Avery Woods                                   Emma Uhrich
Isla MacPherson                               Jorja Haggerty
Olivia Leier                                      Rachel Callon
Reegan Bond                                   Sophia Vicaretti
Sydney Ansley                                 Zoe Bouma

Two more players will be added to this team in the spring if registration numbers permit.

Girls U14 Eagles -- Head Coach Nikki Friesen

Anya Raymond                                Chloe Dehnel
Georgia Insley                                 Olivia Gran
Toni Willoughby                                Elizabeth Howard
Emilia Schwarz                                Fern Deyholos
Hannah Friesen                                Ireland Jennens
Kiera Atkins                                     Tarynn Hope
Taylar Janicki                                    Taylor Baker
Teah Thachyk

Three players will be added to this team in the spring.

Girls U16 Heat -- Head Coach Niki Siddall

Brooklyn Larusson                        Emily Fricska
Jordan Kemper                             Katelyn McGillivray
Kiara Dubrett                                Grace Dietrich
Hannah Greene                             Julia Basso
Laura Siddall                                Taysha Boulter
Teigan Johnston                             Tessa Kosec

Up to six more players will be added to this team in the spring.


Posted on Monday, Oct 17, 2016

Annual General Meeting November 16

All KYSA members are invited to participate in our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, November 16, from 7 - 9 pm, at the First Baptist Church (Bernard Avenue at Richmond Street).   Agenda items include:
        --Directors Reports
        --Financial Reports
        --Election of the 2017 Board of Directors
        --Review of programs and policies

Each family designated one voting member at registration, and that person will receive a voting card.   Other family members are also welcome to attend and participate in discussions, but voting will be by card.

We are looking for new members of our Board.  All positions are open, with many current Board members returning for another year.   We are particularly looking for the following positions:

        Uniforms Manager -- orders, distributes and manages our team uniforms each season.   Ideally, the manager will have several committee members to work with in completing this big job.

        Discipline Chair -- in addition to monthly KYSA meetings, this person attends meetings of the COYSA Discipline Committee to help deal with complaints about coaches, parents and players, and determine appropriate outcomes.

        Directors at Large -- contribute to discussions re policies and procedures, and often take on specific areas of responsibility such as Team Pictures, Sponsorship, etc.

        Vice-Chair -- Works to support the Chair and Board in all KYSA programs and policies.

For further information, or to volunteer for any of these or other positions on the board, please contact
Posted on Sunday, Oct 09, 2016

Administrator Sought for KYSA

We were very pleased by the number and quality of applications we received for the position of Administrator.   Over the next week a board committee will meet to review the resumes, and determine who they would like to interview for the position.  We will be in touch with applicants as we reach various stages of the process.
Posted on Thursday, Oct 06, 2016

2017 Practice Schedule Announced

The KYSA Board has set the following practice schedule for teams for the 2017 spring soccer schedule:

U6        Wednesdays at Dr. Knox
U7        Tuesdays at Lillooet
U8        Thursdays at Lillooet
U9        Monday/Wednesdays at Dilworth
U10       Tuesday/Thursdays at Dilworth
U11        Tuesdays at Martin Centre
U12        Mondays at Martin Centre
U14        Wednesdays at Martin Centre
U16        Mondays/Wednesdays at Lillooet
U18        No practices -- games only

There may be circumstances where individual teams may need to deviate from this schedule.   Sometimes more teams are registered than can be accommodated on those days.   Sometimes coaches have conflicts in their personal schedule with those nights.   We will try very hard to stick with those days, but some modification may be necessary.
Posted on Thursday, Sep 22, 2016

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